Friday, October 21, 2011

Vegan Fitness FUDGE!

Hi Friends-
   Yes, you read correctly. I did type "Fitness Fudge".  Contrary to popular belief, I do eat more than cupcakes! In fact, I am a bit of a health nut; I run about 4 miles a day, lift weight and live for Pilates   Recently, I discovered the health (and tasty!) benefits of Total Soy protein powder.  Typically, I make the shake according to the directions then freeze it to make a yummy protein ice cream; however, after stumbling upon a delicious looking recipe for fudge using whey protein, I figured, "Why not soy protein?".  And sure enough, it worked! Vegan Fitness Fudge calls for 4 ingredients: Total Soy protein powder, soy milk, peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Each serving of this fudge (approx. 2 Tablespoons) packs a whopping 8 grams of protein and 125.7 calories! That's it! Now, these little gems did not photograph as nicely as my cupcakes, but do not let that fool you.  Prepare for peanut butter- chocolatey goodness! 
Stay Sweet,
Amy xox

Vegan Fitness Fudge (scroll down for recipe)

1/4 cup soy milk
1/4 cup Total Soy Protein powder
1/4 cup peanut butter
3 Tablespoons chocolate chips

1) In a large, microwavable bowl, combine soy milk and protein powder.
2) Add peanut butter, chocolate chips and stir to combine.
3) Microwave for 20 seconds, stir. Microwave for an additional 15 seconds until chocolate chips are melted.
4) Spray a small shallow dish with canola oil and pour fudge.
5) Place in the fridge for an hour to firm. Enjoy!
 **After scooping out the desired amount, you can roll the fudge in anything you'd like! Cocoa powder, shredded coconut or toasted almonds!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Flavor EXPLOSION!

Hello lovely friends!
   It's been quite awhile, I apologize! SO much has been happening since Fall arrived!  I am back in Milwaukee and could not be happier.  Currently, I am working my tail off on some new recipes to share.  First up, CAMPFIRE CUPCAKES! For those who do not know me, I do NOT do camping; therefore, these cuppies are the closest you can get me to a campsite.  These cupcakes have a graham cracker-ginger cake with liquid smoke...yes...LIQUID SMOKE  to really capture that campfire essence.  I topped the cupcake with a vegan meringue cookie to mimic the marshmallow. isn't this better than having your clothes smell like smoke and being bitten by bugs? Yes, yes it is.

Stay Sweet,
Amy xox